The Grenadine Silk Tie: Unrivalled Quality and Versatility

The Grenadine Silk Tie: Unrivalled Quality

Over the holiday break, I binged-watched the entire James Bond catalogue. While I’m a fan of the reboot with Daniel Craig (notably for the stylistic cinematic mind-blowing locations and limitless extravagance) my main interest in the Bond franchise is the outfits. Beyond his stellar performance, Sean Connery remains one of my favorite actor to play Bond. Even more so because in Dr. No and From Russia With Love, he wore and popularized the Navy Grenadine tie.

Frankly, if you hadn’t noticed or if you’re unfamiliar with the Grenadine silk tie, you are not alone. The chief reason why – and I suspect Mr. Bond himself is fond of this piece of accessory, is in part because of how inconspicuous it is.

What Is Grenadine Silk?

Grenadine silk is both delicate and luxurious. It’s woven on a jacquard loom in gauze (Garza in Italian) weave or leno weave. This particular process of weaving the yarn results in a visually attractive, three dimensional-like pattern.

As Grenadine silk is typically woven in Italy, the two weaving patterns are known as: Garza Grosso and Garza Fina. As the name implies, ‘fina’ or fine – refers to a small pattern, whereas ‘grosso’ has a larger weave pattern. Of note, the smaller the weave, the less textured look. FOTY Grenadine Silk Ties are produced exclusively in Como, Italy, in a Garza Grosso pattern, mainly for its pronounced character.