Look Good, Feel Great!

By now you’ve probably heard that the first seven seconds in which you meet somebody is when you’ll make a first impression.

Whether you like it or not, individuals do judge books by their covers and people by how they present themselves. So the speed of first impressions is quite fast. For that reason, you should most certainly care about how you present yourself to others. Not only because of how you will be perceived, but more so because of how it will make you feel.

The science of dressing well benefits your inner self in more ways than you can imagine. In fact, looking the part will maintain and elevate your confidence and well-being.

Simply put, proper fitted clothing, in particular, communicates attention to detail and personal competence. While the person you’re meeting may not think consciously about these things, his or her “thin-slicing” of you will take note of proportion, symmetry, and color palette. Shirt too baggy? Pants too long? Seams fraying or collar curling? You run the risk of looking sloppy, if not immature or unprepared for the task at hand.

Don’t know where to start? I Can Help. 


  • Full Closet Overhaul: You don’t need more, you need better. Together we will clean your closet and get rid of clothing you no longer need and keep those that can be altered.
  • Stress-free Personal Shopping: Leave it to me to recommend clothing and accessories based on your personal style, needs and budget. 
  • Groomsmen Valet Service: Your big day, your way. VIP service for the groom and the groomsmen.

Let’s Work Together

There are two ways in which we can work together: virtually or in-person (Ottawa/Montreal and surrounding areas only). Schedule your Introduction Consultation here. 


Interactive Zoom call from the comfort of your home/office. 30 minute free-consultation.


I come to you or you come to me; whichever works best for you.