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A short introduction about myself. My name is Mbuyi, and I wear many hats. I am an entrepreneur, emergency management professional, husband, son, brother, uncle, soccer coach…you get the point. However, the most important title that I hold is father to a wonderful baby boy, Elamenji. You will get to know us through this blog, which will also serve as platform to discuss all things men’s style, most importantly breaking down how to incorporate FOTY accessories into your personal look.

Of note, this is a picture blog; therefore, each post will have a picture and description of what I am wearing. Hence the title Dad Lookbook.

In the meantime, let us connect on Instagram to keep up to date our day-to-day activities. Once, welcome to Dad Lookbook.

Ensemble from Simons, brand is Gianni Lupo. Sold as a 3-piece suit, however, I opted for the vest. Made in Italy (always a positive in my books), 53% cotton, 45 linen and 2% elastane. Personally would have prefer if it were 100% linen for optimal comfort in the heat of August.

Worn here with a crisp white dress shirt, with rolled sleeves for a more relax fit and comfort. As it was middle of August, decided to top complete the look with a narrow-brim straw woven fedora, also from Simons.

FOTY Lookbook Style Tip: Dress in accordance to the season and temperature by opting for appropriate fabrics.