The KISS principle and men’s style

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, I did not invest much towards my autumn wardrobe this year, for obvious reasons. For the past few months, however, I have been stuck at home, working remotely and going out the odd time. Simply put, I have had no reason to dress up, as there is nowhere to go anyways. In retrospect, I made a number of purchases for spring/summer, well before social restrictions and lockdowns. This post of will highlight the KISS principle and men’s style. Specifically how you can stay stylish while keeping it simple.

For that reason, I will break down another one of my summer ensemble.

This ensemble is very simple really – emphasis on simple. Bottom is a pair of VBC fresco trousers in Light Gray, from Spier and Mackay. Fresco is a type of wool fabric that uses high-twist yarn in an open weave, so it is durable and breathable. A great choice for warmer months. Additionally, Light Gray goes with almost every color jacket. Details on these trousers include single reverse pleats and side tab adjusters on the waistband as opposed to the traditional belt loops.

To keep it simple – again, emphasis on simple, I wore a Blue Bengal Stripe dress shirt, also from Spier and Mackay. 100% Egyptian Cotton and a Full Spread Collar. I should mention that 99.9% of my dress shirts are various shades of blue. More on that at a later time.

As for accessories, I kept it simple: a silk necktie and a FOTY silk pocket square. The tie a souvenir from an unforgettable vacation in Croatia in 2018 (the necktie is arguably the most famous invention ever to come out of Croatia). I layered with a Blue linen blazer, Spalla Camica shoulder (no shoulder padding) with patch pockets.

KISS principle and men’s style

To bring it all together, I accessorized with a white and blue floral pocket square. Crafted in silk, this dapper pocket square is adorned with flowers for a thoughtful finish. Handmade in Italy from lustrous silk twill for a luxurious statement. Once again, the intent here is the KISS principle and men’s style.

The result is a simple, monochromatic play on Blue, whilst in accordance with the season.

FOTY Lookbook Style Tip: Keep it simple; invest in high quality garments, which can be paired effortlessly. Think Light Gray trousers with almost any color jacket.